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  • Grand Lag B'Omer Parade with Live Music & Educational EntertainmentB'HChabad of Baka invites you to an unforgettable Lag B'Omer Parade on Thursday, May 7th. We'll meet at the park on Nachum Lifshitz in Baka at 11:00 AM, and, accompanied by a drumming band, we'll march up Yehuda St. to the Efrata School, 2 Gad St.Entertainment will include a performance by the Jewish Theatre "Nekudah Tovah"!* Live Music* Educational Entertainment* Jewish Theatre* Ices for every child* Small gift for every child* Lots of unity and fun!* Free EntranceHope you can join us with your family and friends!We want to take this opportunity to thank Michael and Tehilla Rose for training our very own boys, from the Chabad of Baka community, for the drumming band!This event is open to sponsorship.Sample More Text
  • Lag B'Omer Barbecue, Bonfire & KumzitsSample More Text
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