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Synagogue Services

Synagogue Services

  Daily Services:



Join us for the daily minyan!

 Every individual's participation is greatly appreciated!

Shacharit at 8:15 AM,
Followed by a Talmud Class
 Location: 13 Shimon St., Kehal Yisrael Shul 
Maariv at 8:30PM (Shulchan Aruch at 8:15PM) Followed by a Talmud/Chassidut Class 

 Location: 10 Yad Charutzim (left hand side of the G1 building, 2nd office in the back of the building, name of office: "Perfect tech")  



Shabbat Services:

Friday Minchah: 20 minutes after Candle lighting

(Dvar Torah between minchah and Maariv)  

Shabbat Morning:


Chasidut: 8:45 (with coffee, tee and refreshments) 

Shacharit: 9:30 AM

Kiddush, including Hot Cholent: 12:00 PM


 * On shabbat MevarchimTehilim 8:00 AM . Shacharit: 10:00 AM


Minchah: 30 minutes before Shkiah (inspiring Shalosh Seudot with Chassidic melodies and insights between minchah and maariv)  


Shabbat Location:  

Casablanca Hall at 6 Maaseh Choshev (off of Derech Beit Lechem.)

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