I would like to donate to Chabad of Baka's Building Fund!  Your donation will help build a shul and community center for Jews in Jerusalem and around the world. Click here for Dedication Opportunities

  Click here to register for the Shabbos Project Unity Dinner! Couvert: 70 nis adults, 40 nis kids ages 3-11, Sponsor 180

Click here to register for the JLI course.   

Discounted fee 180 nis (includes text book); Donor 360/Patron 720 

Click here to register for the Interactive Kids Club for children ages 6-10.  Minimal Fee: 80 nis per month/ Yearly Membership: 550 nis (8 months)

 Click here to donate to the Friendship Circle of South Jerusalem.

 Click here to donate to Keren Malka (in memory of Malka bat Shlomo z'l).  Your donation will help build a new community center in Jerusalem. 

I would like to join the Chai Club (please charge this amount on a monthly basis so I can partner with Chabad of Baka).  By joining the Chai club, you also receive reserved seating for the High Holidays.

Click here for information about the Chai Club.   

( Click here for  paypal, or click here for  direct deposit, or to mail a check.) 

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