We are most excited to announce that Chabad of Baka - Beit Levi has begun a new era in our growth and development. Our long-time dream of owning a property has finally come true!  The Jerusalem City Hall has approved a spacious plot of land at 97 Derech Beit Lechem, between Rivka and Hatnufa Streets, for our community to build a shul. This is an exceptional opportunity as we embark upon an ambitious Building Campaign.

We would love for you to join us in this endeavor and become a partner with us in making this happen.  May you and your family be blessed for your kindness and generosity.


Baruch Hashem, we received the Jerusalem City Hall's much awaited approval just after Pesach and officially signed a contract this summer.  We are now in the midst of building plans and are in the process of securing the necessary building permits.  This step can take several months but is considered protocol, so Bezrat Hashem with the kindness and generosity of each one of you, we will soon begin to build.

Our center will serve the needs of our growing community, and we all look forward to having a permanent venue for our daily, Shabbat, and Holiday minyan, as well as our many classes and community functions.

After over ten years and over ten venues, we will finally have a home for our community- a beautiful facility which we can fill with holiness and goodness.

The estimated cost of the building project is over 1 million dollars (4 million shekels). 

We have $200,000 in the building fund, which we already raised from staunch supporters of Chabad of Baka.  By each one of us giving what we can and spreading the word to family and friends, IYH we will reach our goal.

Thank you for your participation.  We look forward to the day that Chabad of Baka will be built and will become attached to the Holy Temple with the speedy arrival of Moshiach.  

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