Dear Friends,

As you know, Chabad of Baka is here for you and any member in our community, regardless of observance or affiliation. 

Please partner with us this year so more families will experience the warmth and joy of Judasim.  Join the Chai Club!  This is your opportunity to show your support to your community on a monthly basis, thereby actively contributing to each and every Chabad activity. 

As building plans for Chabad of Baka's brand new shul/center are progressing, your support is more vital than ever before!

Click here to join the Chai Club!

Your contribution will:  

* Help Chabad of Baka's building fund 

* Enable community members to continue enjoying the Yaffale Hall, which is beautiful and spacious and is our current Shabbat & Holiday venue 

* Ensure that tefillot take place every weekday in our Kehal Yisrael- 13 Shimon St. location, as well as give numerous men the opportunity to partake in Torah learning before beginning their busy days

* Give each person who joins Shabbat or Chag tefillot an even warmer Chabad of Baka experience through generous kiddushim, complete with cholent, l'chaims and an opportunity to connect to community members

* Illuminate the hearts of many Jews, through Holiday Outreach Programs, including large scale Chanuka and Purim events and an unforgettable Pesach seder for Jews of every affiliation from across the globe

* Connect dozens of Jerusalem children to their Judaism in an exciting way, through Children's Programs, including Sukkot fun festivals, Lag B'Omer parades, and menorah lightings at the mall

* Provide friendship and community support for children with special needs and their families through the South Jerusalem Friendship CircleCosts include transportation for volunteers to visit children with special needs on a weekly basis and parties and events for the families and volunteers.

* Educate women and men in Torah and Chassidut, through engaging Weekly Shiurim


* Energize women in the community and beyond through inspiring and creative Rosh Chodesh Events 


How to join the Chai Club

Chai Member: monthly contributions of 180 nis ($50)

Chai Friend: monthly contributions of 360 nis ($100)

Chai Partner: monthly contributions of 720 nis ($200)

Chai Builder: monthly contributions of 1000 nis to help Chabad of Baka's building fund 

Chai Participant: monthly contributions of any amount that is comfortable for you


Click here to join the Chai Club!


Benefits for Chai Members~

Chai Members & Participants: Your own complimentary seats for the High Holidays

Chai Friends & Partners: High Holidays seats, plus a complimentary kiddush with vegetarian cholent, with which you can honor a loved one 

Chai Builders: High Holidays seats, plus a complimentary kiddush with cholent and salads, with which you can honor a loved one


Click here to join the Chai Club!

* Please note: All donations (in Israel and in the USA) are tax deductible.

Your donation can be part of your maaser mitzvah, for which the Torah promises wealth as a reward.  In the merit of your generosity, may you be blessed with material and spiritual bounty & a Ktiva V'Chatima Tova!


With gratitude and blessings,

Rabbi Avraham and Nechama Dina Hendel